2012 Humboldt Homebrew Festival Live Blog

7 Apr

1:24 PM Everyone is setting up. I’m helping out where I can. Getting thirsty!


1:41 PM First taste, Shaun Cordes’ Maggie Mae IPA

2:03 PM Doors open!


2:17 PM First taste from THE Jere Cox, who brought 9 kegs! First is La Palsner de Sour, sour pils on cherries!


2:40 PM Just in time, Humboldt Homebrewers club T-shirts are in!


3:06 PM Making connections and filling up!


3:41 PM We take this seriously. It’s not about getting drunk, but coming together for the love of beer!


3:59 PM Best keg accessory of the day.


4:22 PM Cydneys Date Sour is fantastic!

4:34 PM Not sure which band this is but they are killing it!


4:41 PM Wow, brewers from Crescent City, Willits, and Healdsberg! Very cool!

4:54 PM there are a lot of high quality beer at this event. Mad skillz.

5:44 PM Bottle comp results….

5:50 PM Jamie with the ESB!


6:08 PM yours truly, 1st place cider

6:09 BOS Justin Wittaker with sweet stout!!!! Healdsburg!


6:17 And with that, I’m done. What a fantastic event!


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