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Northwest Brewing News Readers Poll 2012 – Humboldt Well Represented

6 Dec

Saturday, December 1st, I was at Humboldt Beer Works schlepping homebrew supplies and I received a phone call. I don’t even know who it was, I didn’t recognize the name. “I’m reading in an email that you won ‘Best Northern California Homebrew Supply Shop’ in the Northwest Brewing News Reader Poll.”

Silence. Processing. “Uh, what?” was my dumbfounded reply, still trying to figure out who I was speaking to. I obtained an email address of the editor of the Northwest Brewing News, Alan Moen, and fired off a query.

Yes, sure enough, we won. As did the Local Beer Bar for Best Nor Cal Alehouse/Pub and Best Nor Cal Beer Store and Redwood Curtain Brewing Company for Best Nor Cal Nano Brewery. I know what you are thinking on that last one.


Humboldt Beer Works spent most of this voting year in a small space that was less than 300 square feet. But by golly, we packed that place with everything you needed to brew. Our goal was to move into a bigger space within a year, and we did it in the 10th month of operations. We quadrupled our size and expanded our offerings and couldn’t have done that without all of you and many of you voted. Thank you.

The Local Beer Bar opened in March of 2012 and instantly, owner Darren Cartledge put himself on the map as a beer destination. He cut his teeth at Blondie’s Food And Drink in Arcata and hit the ground running with The Local. One of the great reasons to visit The Local is that you can go two days in a row and the beer menu won’t be the same. There is never a shortage of interesting beers at The Local, both tap and bottle. This award is well deserved.

Another well deserved award, albeit misguided, is for Redwood Curtain Brewing Company. But lets make this clear, Redwood Curtain is not a nano brewery. Not even close. So you have heard the 2012 story of Humboldt Beer Works and The Local Beer Bar, now hear Redwood Curtains 2012 story.


Actually no, the ugly part doesn’t need to be retold. The brewery operated previously as a partnership in the beginning of the year and in August, a sea change forced owner Drake Mollberg to take the helm. But that wasn’t all. This sudden transformation punched Drake right in the face during a brewery expansion and the impending birth of his child. All at once, his life got very multi-faceted. Not only did he become sole owner, but he took on all the brewing duties.

So I hereby rename Redwood Curtain’s award to Best NorCal Brewery Owner, because Drake truly deserves it.

I’ve been singing this song for a year. Humboldt County is a craft beer destination in the making. Here’s proof.

Lagunitas Tap Takeover at The Local Beer Bar

21 Apr

April 20th. Or 4/20. Its sort of a mystical/mythical holiday around these parts. While we all know what it is known for, residents of the Beer Block in downtown Eureka rang in the holiday at 4:20 PM gathered around a firkin of Lagunitas WTF and watched The Local Beer Bar owner Darren Cartledge cautiously tap the keystone. This was the beginning, and probably the highlight of the Lagunitas Tap Takeover at The Local. In less than two hours, Darren and Ari were struggling to fill the last glasses with the murky dregs. And the place was full of beer lovers. First, pockets of friends formed and homebrewers instinctively gravitated towards each other and then it was jam packed.

Also on tap was Waldo Special, Gnarlywine, Censored (The Kronic), IPA, Czech Pils, Little Sumpin’, Dogtown PA and Imperial Red. Lagunitas Brewing Co. was founded in 1993 at Lagunitas, CA and in a year, they grew so much they moved to Petaluma. They began expanding this year to a 600,000 bbl/year capacity and this month announced plans for a Chicago brewery with the same yearly output. Win for craft beer.

When asked on how the Lagunitas tap takeover came about, Darren stated, “It seemed like it would be fun and I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of Lagunitas in here. Then Jere (Cox) heard about it and he brought some stuff. I can’t believe how many people were here”, he said eyes wide. Will there be more? Yes. The next one is planned for May 17th with Anderson Valley. Tentative draft lineup includes Belks ESB, Poleeko Pale, Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, Imperial IPA, as well as new Mendonesia releases Horse Tongue Wheat and Oude Bruin. Then Darren mentioned a couple of other prospective breweries for a takeover. What were they? Not yet! This is where I leave you wanting more….

WTF! Yeah....